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Welcome to Rispo Ind.

Welcome To Rispo Industries… A Well-Recognized Name In The Field Of Sports Industry In Sialkot, Pakistan For Your Needs Regarding Sports Wear, Casual Wears, Active Wear & Accessories.
Rispo ind. is the first and leading Online Manufacturer and Exporter of Sports Wear especially custom made in Sialkot Pakistan. Rispo ind. has National Tax Number by Govt. of Pakistan and Associate Membership of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
Rispo Ind. has been working with a highly skilled staff and latest computerized machinery is set to work round the clock for urgent and ordinary requirements.
Customer's own designs and patterns are always welcome. The company appreciates the customer’s own designs and manufactures the products according to the customer's choice. Its foremost aim is to get best customer satisfaction with high quality standards.
The company's main export products include Sports Wear products like (Soccer Uniform, Basketball Uniform, Baseball Uniform, Rugby Uniform, Cricket Uniform, Ice Hockey Jersey, Soccer Jersey), Casual wear products like (T Shirt, Polo Shirts, Sweat Shirts, Track Suits, Hoodies, Trousers, Fleece Jacket, Vassity Jackets, Rain Jackets) Active wear products like (Leggings, Tank Top, Gym Suits, Sports Bra, Shorts, Speed Suits, Swim Suits)
Sports Gloves like (Cycling Gloves, Motor Bike Gloves. Weight Lifting Gloves. Boxing Gloves. Working Gloves etc) Accessories products like (Socks, Base Layer, Training Bib, Towels, Apron)
Our service extended from producing custom-made with embroidered logo and printed name & numbers etc. If you want to manufacture any special item from Sialkot or customize any item with your own logos, brand name or size charts etc.
Feel free to contact us for more any kind of information about prices, shipping and custom order.

    Features Prouducts


    American Football Uniform

    RSI-Product Code # 1074 


    RSI-Product Code # 1129

    Soccer Jersey Uniform

    RSI-Product Code # 1107


    RSI-Product Code # 1008


    RSI-Product Code # 1057

    Track Suit

    RSI-Product Code # 1065

    Rain Jacket

    RSI-Product Code # 1022

    Sweat Shirt

    RSI-Product Code # 1121

    Cycling Gloves 

    RSI Product Code # 1186

    Motor Bike Gloves

    RSI Product Code # 1195

    Weight Lifting Gloves

    RSI Product Code # 1202

    Boxing Gloves

    RSI Product Code # 1204

    Working Gloves

    RSI Product Code # 1211

    polo shirt

    RSI-Product Code # 1117

    Fleece Jacket

    RSI-Product Code # 1114.

    Martial Art

    RSI-Product Code # 1100

    Ice Hockey Jersey Uniform

    RSI-Product Code # 1093

    Speed Suit 

    RSI-Product Code # 1140

    Sport Bra & Legging

    RSI-Product Code # 1033

    Swim Suit

    RSI-Product Code # 1147


    RSI-Product Code # 1158

    Vassity Jacket

    RSI-Product Code # 1131

    Tank Top

    RSI-Product Code # 1137


    RSI-Product Code # 1043


    RSI-Product Code # 1047

    Sport Bag

    RSI-Product Code # 1161

    Base Layer

    RSI-Product Code # 1011

    Training Bib

    RSI-Product Code # 1177

    Ladies Tank Top

    RSI-Product Code # 1037



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